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Adopt a Tree Club
Adopt a Tree Club
Adopt a Tree Club
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Our trees are the foundation of everything we do. Unlike other club memberships where you just get shipments of their product, we want you to feel more involved and part of our family tree. We are offering annual olive tree adoptions with our club memberships to a limited number of “deep-rooted” olive and olive oil enthusiasts.

Read on for more details....

Club Membership benefits include:
~ Invitations to all Club Member events including our annual harvest party and pick up parties
~ You’ll be able to pick a bucket of olives from your tree at the annual harvest party
~ We’ll provide you with a brining kit and instructions
~ 10% off on purchases from our website, tasting room, and Farmers Markets
~ 20% off all additional items shipped with the club shipment
~ Club card and discount code
~ Our Olivas de Oro newsletter
~ Other specials and discounts available only to our Club Members
~ Four special olive oil shipments per year
New Club Member Shipment – upon joining
~~ An adoption certificate with a picture of your tree
~~ A map of the orchard showing your tree’s location
~~ Club card and discount code
~~ A sampler of our cold pressed flavored olive oils
Spring Shipment – February/March
~~ 2 – 250 ml. bottles of the new Extra Virgin Olive Oil
~~ 1 bottle of vinegar or gourmet farm product to compliment our recipes
~~ Tasting Notes & Recipes
Fall Shipment – November
~~ 2 – 250 ml. bottles of our flavored olive oils
~~ 1 bottle of vinegar or gourmet farm product to compliment our recipes
~~ Tasting Notes & Recipes
New Harvest Shipment - December
~~ A 250 ml. bottle of Olio Nuevo Extra Virgin Olive Oil from your tree and its neighbors.
~~ This is available exclusively for our Adopt a Tree Club Members and is not sold.

Your first year of membership is prepaid, excluding shipping charges. This is approximately 30% discount off the products you receive, plus all the other benefits!

After your first year of membership you will receive the New Harvest, Spring and Fall shipments. They range from $35 and $55, not including shipping. You agree to at least one year of Club Member benefits. You may cancel any time after the first year by giving us a 30 day written notice.

If you are gifting this Membership, the term of the Membership is for one year. We recommend that you also purchase the advance shipping item (Club Ship). It will be recommended to you during check out. This $30 shipping charge will cover membership shipments for the year. If you do not choose this item because you think they would rather come to our pick up parties do not choose the shipping item and we will call you for a credit card to keep on file for shipping charges. Please also add an email address for the person you are gifting this to in our COMMENTS field so we can put them on our Newsletter list.

By purchasing this membership you also agree that you are a “deep-rooted” olive and olive oil enthusiast!

Use Coupon Code OOE when you check out to receive the member discount on any other product you purchase with this order.